TVR Chimaera & Griffith Engine Rebuild

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The prices are only for informative purposes and only valid if the motor has no major defect!

Engine remove and fit in

ca./approx 340€

  • engine modul disassemble and assemble engine block frost plugs renew
  • engine block disassemble and assemble cylinder sleeve check and hone
  • engine block surface grinding engine parts clean
  • piston rings renew
  • both cylinder head disassemble and assemble both cylinder heads and valve guids check
  • all valves grind
  • both cylinder heads grind
  • both cylinder heads frost plugs renew pressure test pressure test water cycle crankshaft balancing
  • crankshaft bearing renew conneting rods bearing renew camshaft bearing renew
  • all engine gasket/seal renew
  • rocker arm, shaft and hydro – lifter renew

ca./approx 2.195€
Engine – Material

  • camshaft change kit camshaft bearing kit rocker arm
  • rocker shaft hydr. Lifter
  • valve stem oil seal valve shim kit cylinder head gasket cylinder heads bolt kit crankshaft bearing kit
  • connection rods bearing kit piston rings kit
  • frost plugs kit
  • upper engine gasket kit lower engine gasket kit oil filter
  • fuel filter air filter belt
  • engine mounting rubber manifold gasket
  • sealant water sealant oil spark plug
  • small and clean parts

ca./approx 2.125€

  • engine oil antifreeze

ca./approx 80€

  • engine block and cylinder heads optical tuning / paint

ca./approx 400€

  • plenum & valve cover optical tuning / coating / eletroplate / paint

ca./approx 415€

  • manifold, cat and exhaust optical tuning / paint

ca./approx 325€

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