Chimaera MK1 400HC LHD

TVR<br><span class='model'>Chimaera MK1 400HC LHD</span>

Year: 1994
Price: On Request
Engine: 3,950 ccm High Compression


TVR Chimaera MK1 LHD
Rover V8

414 Nm at 4000 rpm

Currently under full nut and bolt restoration and 1:1 LHD conversion. Will be ready in begin of spring 2016. It can be still easily modified on buyers request.


MK1 Chimaera with fully original 1:1 LHD conversion.

Body color:

Red metallic


Stainless steel (1.4571) outrigger, fully hot dip galvanized chassis. Powder coated + 2 layer epoxy primer + underbody sealant + 2 layer epoxy primer + 2 layer epoxy topcoat.


Black full leather interior with black Sonnenland® hood and optional red or black fine velour carpet with optional red or black piping.

Root veneer or stone veneer dashboard in optional colours.


On buyer’s request tunable to turbo/supercharger, electrical cooling system, stage 3 cylinder head, custom exhaust system, ECU, air inlet modifications, etc… tell us your engine wishes and we will realize them.

Please contact us for further informations!

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